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Art and society are inseparable. Russia continuously rages and changed as the situation on the race track. For genuine art is important not to depend on art historians, politicians and opinions of the crowd. The beauty. Justice. 
Resistance to rudeness, suppression of freedom. I admire women's beauty. Proud of the Greatness of Russia, its Victories, due to the inflexibility of the Russian people and nature.
Was born and grew up in a family of architects in Moscow.
I started studying at Krasnopresnenskaya art school (founded by VHUTEMAS). Lessons from the artist-Illustrator Andrey Kostin.
Kirill Orlov (Moscow) well entered and graduated from the Moscow Polygraphic Institute, the Art Department: graphic design, universal visual arts, illustration. Teachers, academicians: monumental art: Andrew Vastnezov, graphic art Dmitry Bisty, painter Dmitry Zhilinsky and other distinguished artists that influenced introduction to art. Member of Artist Union.
The works of Cyril are in the Art Fund of Russia, in private collections in Russia, Italy, USA.

A series of Big GAME./CHESS
The artist intuitively embodied the essence of the situation. Big politics. Disarmament. And creatively interested in black-
A series PLASTICand-white plastic and symbolism of the form. The graph. Poluabstraktnye. Symbols

A series PLASTIC
The opening of the pictorial possibilities of the creation of the shape-space and Vice versa. Graphic lines of shading, drawing technique, in obedience to the temperament hands and intuition, create a new image and space. Graphic compositions are original sculpture, architecture, new ideas and styles. This vision of the world inherent in Cyril, as the son architects.

A series of SLOGANS
"This protest art, created in 90-H. Paintings look like slogans, slogans for demonstrations. The WORD is a form and meaning for pictures. This expression of emotions. Street art, colors only in easel art." K.Orloff (Moscowsky)