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A series of "memorial", my creative experience of the period of comprehension of the art world at the Institute of HTOP. All 5 years, each course task I turned into research and creative discovery, developing my creative experience in different formats of art. Our faculty was famous for the most free views on art.  Illustrating books was one of the few forms of free creativity in the Bolshevik state. Artists earned money by drawing on the themes of all world literature, and not only as painters and sculptors, reflecting the Marxist worldview.
The famous graphic artist, a member of the Academy of arts, Dmitry Bisti, gave us the theme, to portray the impressions of the musical work of the composer-the avant-garde Penderetsky, "Auswitz", transmitting the horror of the atmosphere of the concentration camp of social fascism.
I reflected my feelings in visual images and it looks like a project of spatial sculptural composition.  As an artist, I created a "memorial" to memory,
emotionally embodies the grief and immersed in thought.   

Kirill Moscow (Orlov)